At Integrity Sign & Film Design, we use the latest of technologies to produce spectacular and quality signage.

A plotter is used to cut vinyl up to 1350mm in one piece at a time. It is very
popular for shop front window, vehicle detailing and other inexpensive solutions.

UV Printing
UV prints directly to any flat surface up to 40mm high. It produces high quality,
high resolution prints. Very popular for banners, site signage, patterned window film.

CNC Routing
The CNC Router is used to engrave or cut aluminium, perspex/acrylic, laminate,
MDF and many other conventional products

Wide Format Digital Printing
We also have a wide format digital printer that is used for banners, stickers, posters, etc.

Computer Controlled Letter Bender
Channel letters are dimensional letters (available in various sizes) typically attached to a building’s façade. They can be illuminated, or non-illuminated and can be made in various styles and colours.

Spray Booth
Our custom spray booth allows us to provide a range of finishing options for your signage.

Custom light boxes, pilon signs, and many more options are available.